Grand Theft Auto 6: Take-Two Interactive CEO Responds To Fans Asking For Information About The Game

GTA 6 concept maps

For several months, there was a lot of speculation about Rockstar Games working on Grand Theft Auto 6.

Fans were swarmed with leaks, rumors, and insider news about this game which was, allegedly, in the works. In February, Rockstar Games finally confirmed that the company is working towards developing the next game in the GTA franchise. While the gaming publisher has not confirmed that it will be called GTA 6, fans are quite sure about it being the final title of the game.

Though the official announcement by Rockstar made the fans happy, they have been quite disappointed by the company not sharing any further information about the game. Many of the leakers have confidently asserted that Rockstar Games will be revealing the game before the year comes to an end but the gaming publisher has not responded to any of the rumors or reports that have surfaced so far.

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Rockstar Games have made a lot of profit from GTA 5 and therefore, they are still invested in taking the game forward. In the meantime, they have also rolled out updates for Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Redemption 2. Now that fans know the company is developing GTA 6 actively, they are very keen on getting relevant information about it as well.

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, is known for staying mum when they are approached either by the media or the fans to respond to queries pertaining to their games. Their silence, in a way, leads to a larger number of rumors and unconfirmed reports floating around.

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Recently, Strauss Zelnick, who serves as the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, was requested to share some details about GTA 6. “Stay tuned” was what he told the fans. He said this while giving an interview on the Excelsior podcast.

Even though Zelnick’s answer did not satisfy the fans, the fact that he said something about the game, has made them feel hopeful about him or somebody else from the team sharing some information in the near future.

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