Xbox Games Pass To Add Two New Games To Its Roaster On May 17

Xbox game pass

Some Xbox Game Pass fans were left disappointed when 6 games left the service recently.

However, there is some good news for Xbox Game Pass users as well. Two new games will be added to the subscription-based gaming service on May 17. The addition of these two games should help fans get over the disappointment of not being able to play the 6 games that are no longer offered by the service.

While fans should look forward to the inclusion of these games, they must also remember to have the right expectations from it. The two new games are not extremely popular but they do have a dedicated fan base. One of the games is an indie-adventure RPG game and the other is a simulation game.

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Little Witch in the Woods is one of the two games to be made available on the Xbox Game Pass. It will be released as a preview on Game Pass. Players can expect the full-fledged game to release sometime in 2023. Though players will not get to play the full version yet on Xbox Game Pass, the preview version offers a good amount of content.

In the game, players drive the character of a young witch named Ellie who is serving as an apprentice to senior witches. The game is set in LucereinOrtu, a fictional village that is inhabited by a large number of witches of different age groups. Players have to occupy a Witch House in a particular area and work towards helping the villagers perform their daily chores. After serving as an apprentice for a while and doing the tasks properly, Ellie will be promoted from being an apprentice to a master.

Players will also get the opportunity to visit the Witch School and learn several magic tricks. There is a lot that players can explore in this beautiful, magical world. They will come across a bunch of adorable creatures and get to explore several hidden areas filled with multiple shortcuts and special items. A highlight of the game is players getting the chance to interact with several cute cats.

The other game that is scheduled to arrive on May 17 is Umurangi Generation Special Edition. It can be best described as a photography simulator game with several cyberpunk-like elements to it. Players will serve as couriers for the very interesting Tauranga Express and will be shouldering the responsibility of clicking pictures of Tauranga Aotearoa.

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The photographs taken by the players will be judged on three factors, composition, content and color. These factors play an important role in determining the final payout of the players. Players will be required to complete a set of photo bounties. After the completion of this task, they will be able to go to the next level. Those who have a penchant for photography will really enjoy playing this game. Many of the features in the game are similar to the kind you use in real-world photography.

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