Controversial Feature In Pokemon Might Make a Comeback In Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC

Pokemon is one gaming franchise that enjoys tremendous popularity among those who don’t play games regularly.

The franchise has been explored in various formats and that has contributed greatly towards becoming a well-known entity across the world. At the moment, Pokemon fans are looking forward to the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet which is expected to come out in November.

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While Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games are expected to appeal to older fans of Pokemon, the new set of games should also strike a chord with younger gamers. Despite all the popularity and acclaim, the Pokemon games have also been criticized for being ‘too easy’. A lot of fans are also of the opinion that marketing these games aggressively has worked against the franchise. Interestingly, Pokemon and Scarlet Violet happen to be the first-ever set of open-world games in the franchise.

The EXP Share has been an integral part of the Pokemon games since time immemorial. It was designed to provide Pokemons with additional experiences. The EXP Share was also found in Pokemon Sword and Shield. However, controversy erupted when it was found out that players were not able to turn it off of their own will. The remakes or rebooted versions of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl also barred players from toggling it off.

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As per recently surfaced rumors, the controversial EXP Share will be back in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The reports also state that it would not be possible to toggle off the game in these games either. Its functionality will be similar to the way it operated in Pokemon Sword and Shield and BDSP.

Pokemon S/V leaker Blaines recently tweeted that EXP will be added as a “forced” feature in the games and there will be no option to toggle it off. Once the game is released, it would be interesting to see how Pokemon fans react to it.

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