Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Could Be Released Next Week


When it was announced that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would release in 2022, it created a lot of excitement among fans.

However, as time passed, one realized that the announcement was made a bit too early.

For a very long time now, fans have been waiting for Game Freak to share some relevant information about the soon-to-be-launched Pokemon RPGs. Though no formal announcement has been made yet, there is a good chance of some fresh information being released soon. A popular Japanese Pokemon show has declared that it will soon share some important news pertaining to Pokemon games. This declaration made many fans believe that they would receive some news about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet soon.

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The aforementioned announcement was made by PokeDoko, a Pokemon variety show that is produced and aired in Japan. The show shared the kind of content they plan to churn out in the next episode and confirmed that it will share “the latest information on Pokemon games!”. Though the show has not overtly declared that it has concrete information about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, fans are quite hopeful that they will be treated with some interesting news when the next episode airs.

PokeDoko’s next episode will premiere on April 24. Those living in the western part of the world will get to watch this episode either on Saturday or Sunday morning. Before the episode goes on air, one expects to come across more information about what the team plans to reveal. By mid-week, fans should expect more information coming their way.

The announcement made by PokeDoko hasn’t made it very clear as to whether the show will reveal something that has never been shared before or carry a news piece that would serve as a follow-up to some information that one has already been served with. If the team decides to offer a recap of announcements, that have already been made in the past, it would leave fans terribly disappointed. A large number of Pokemon fans are expecting to get some information on the release date of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet through the upcoming episode of PokeDoko.

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