Pokemon Sword Joins Hands With Shield Art Director James Turner For A New Studio


Just recently, one heard about Pokemon Sword and James Turner, the art director of Shield, leaving Game Freak and collaborating with each other to launch a new game studio called All Possible Futures.

Bidds, who directed The Swords of Ditto, was said to be an integral part of this studio. This particular piece of news came as a rude shock to all those fans who had closely followed Turner’s journey with Pokemon.

Shortly after the arrival of this news, fans received another major surprise. The Plucky Squire was announced as the first game to be released by the studio. This particular game, which fans have a lot of expectations from, was announced during the unveiling of the Devolver Direct 2022 presentation.

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Whatever one has seen of The Plucky Squire so far has helped one register an impression of it in one’s mind. The game seems to be inspired from The Swords of Ditto in several ways. The Devolver Direct announcement starts off with a 2D sequence in which we see players embark upon a journey through the pages of a book. Then, you get a little surprised as you find protagonist Jot the squire jumping out of the book. The Plucky Squire will have a combination of 2D adventuring and 3D visual technology.

Though many fans are considering The Plucky Squire to be a simple adventure game, it would not be accurate to describe it as one. The early glimpses have actually made it clear that All Possible Futures have been quite ambitious with the game and have made an endeavor to incorporate a variety of gameplay experiences in it. In 2D itself, one can witness Jot indulging in some sleek side-scrolling combat. One can also see him having a fight with a bear with the help of certain mechanics borrowed from ‘Punch-Out!!’.

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Though the 3D gameplay involved in The Plucky Squire has not been described elaborately in the trailer, one still gets a glimpse of it. Apart from some melee combat, you get to see a bunch of traversal elements. One also sees a uniquely designed bedroom that should play an important role in the game.

While the first glimpse of the game has received different kinds of reactions from the fans, everybody seems to be acknowledging the fact that it has been mounted on a big scale. Since the game is expected to release in 2023, gamers will have to wait for quite some time to explore it properly.

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