Cool Devices Showcased in the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

2017 CES best innovation award

The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show will be showcasing some cool gadgets and cutting edge electronic devices for consumers and corporations.

Here are some of the cool new gadgets expected at the 2017 show.

2017 CES Devices

Cutting Edge Electronics

Within another two weeks, the CES or Consumer Electronics Show of 2017 will begin. It will showcase some of the top cutting edge electronic devices and gadgets that consumers and professionals as well as corporations will love to get their hands on.

The devices could be anything from automated electronic devices to smart home devices or Internet enabled devices and so on. A lot of cool new gadgets are expected to debut at the show.


The PowerUP FPB is a VR drone allowing users to fly it as though they are inside the cockpit of the airplane. This is done using Google VR cardboard viewers, which is a display that is mounted on the head. The camera streams live and it allows the user to see from the drone viewpoint, while the head can be used for controlling the drone with intuitive gestures.


Sanbot is a robot that is cloud enabled, capable of learning to perform like a hotel waiter, a hospital or school assistant, a security assistant for the home or business and so on. In short, it can learn to do several things. It is offered by Qihan Tech Company, a robotic company from China, and will be announced in the CES 2017.

Orah 4i

Orah offers a VR camera customized for a live streaming of content with 360 degrees and 4K resolution. The project first started developing cameras for capturing and stitching and then streaming 360 degrees live content of high quality. The camera has 4 lenses and 4 microphones and the stitching software has been integrated in it offering 4K resolution at the rate of 30 fps in real time.


Smart homes can use the BullGuard for security purposes. BullGuard is offered by Dojo Labs as a security solution for smart homes, protecting the users’ data and devices and so on, by keeping an eye on the house network and protecting it from cyber attacks. An AI system powers this security device and the cloud based platform protects the home by analyzing the patterns of devices and services. The device is pebble shaped and offers a smart way of defending and mitigating a security breach. It is priced at $199.

2017 CES best innovation award


Link is a wearable for pets and it has won the best innovation award at the CES 2017. American Kennel Club offers the gadget, showcasing the smart collar for dogs, connecting it with a smartphone app to track the whereabouts of the dog. The device is GPS powered, so the dog can be tracked in case it gets lost. The device also offers wellness tracking features, offering information about the wellness of the dog, namely whether it is feeling cold or hot or whether it has had enough exercise and so on. Link also tracks appointments with vets and the animal’s records. Owners can use the app for taking pictures on adventures, with details of the time stamp.

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