Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Rumors and Expectations

Rumor mills have started churning out speculations on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

There are rumors on what Samsung will do to redeem its name after having failed with the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

LG Battery for Galaxy S8

One report claims that Samsung is collaborating with LG Chem, which is a subsidiary of LG, for supplying batteries for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The problem with the infamous Galaxy Note 7 concerned its battery, though later investigations claimed that the battery did not have any fault. It is likely that Samsung will not use the same battery supplier as it did for the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung had used the batteries produced from its SDI subsidiaries for the first Note 7 smartphones. Later, the company switched over to Amperex Technology after the recall of the incendiary phones. It is expected that Samsung will use batteries from LG Chem as well as Amperex in case of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Killing the Name

It has been suggested by some that the name or Note brand should be totally killed and the new device should be sold under another new name. The idea came up at the time of initially recalling the incendiary Galaxy Note 7. Lee SaiCheol, an analyst from NH Investment and Securities, suggested that Samsung could rename the Note 7 as the Note 7s, with s standing for safe. However, it never happened and the Galaxy Note 7 was permanently discontinued.

Dual Edge Screen Display

It is expected that Samsung will use the dual edge screen display on all future flagship phones. This may not be functional, but offers aesthetic enhancement. The Galaxy Note 7 also came in the same dual edge type of display, instead of one flat model with another curved one. This also signified that Samsung was slowly phasing out the flat display screens. It is also rumored that Samsung will release two versions of the Galaxy S8 in spring and both will have curved display screens.

Specs and Features

Many of the features present in the previous flagship phones of Samsung have been incorporated in the Galaxy S8 to be released in spring 2017. The features that are currently present on the Samsung Galaxy S8 will include a dual camera setup.  The display will be bezel less and neither will there be a home button.

It is also rumored that the Galaxy S8 will have a 4K screen with an SD 830 chipset and a USB C type of port.

Samsung Galaxy S8Date of Release

While it seems likely that the Galaxy S8 will be released in February 2017, there are also possibilities that it could be postponed to April of 2017. Normally, Samsung is prone to unveiling new flagship devices at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) trade show held in Barcelona. The show will be running from the 27th of February to the 2nd of March, so it is possible that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will debut a day prior to the show on the 26th of February 2017.

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