Nintendo’s Super Mario Run Smash Success – More Releases of Mobile Games in the Pipeline

Super Mario Run

The runaway success of Nintendo’s Super Mario mobile game has made the company keen to offer more mobile games on a yearly basis.

Ten Million Download

There are many detractors of the Super Mario Run game, but it has to be said to its credit that there are more than ten million downloads of the game every day on the App Store. It has officially gone over the 50 million download mark as of the 23rd December. Nintendo seems to be keen on exploring the mobile games market, both on account of the success of Super Mario as well as the mobile games’ capability of generating early revenues.

Nintendo Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

Android users are still awaiting their opportunity to play the game, but Super Mario Run from Nintendo has gone to the top of the charts in Apple’s App Store, smashing all other download records. It is no wonder that Nintendo is planning on bringing more such games to the mobile gaming world.

Two to Three Games

Tatsumi Kimishima, the president of Nintendo has stated in an interview through MacWorld that the company is planning on releasing two to three mobile games in the year 2017 as well. The plans could change, but as of now it is being reported that popular titles, such as Fire Emblem as well as Animal Crossing are being readied for releasing on mobile phones.

More Money from Mobile

In case of its mobile games, Nintendo will have to pay a cut of 30% to Apple from the revenue earned from Super Mario Run. The number of unit sales will also be lower compared to the conventional console game available on 3DS systems. Yet, Nintendo will get a lot of revenue from the mobile games. It is estimated that the revenue accruing from Super Mario Run is around $14 million during the initial three days for each App Annie. This is less than what it makes from the launch of a hit console title. However, the costs of distribution are less in case of mobile games and so are the costs for developing the game.

Mobile Seems Promising

The mobile game world seems to be more promising as far as Nintendo is concerned, going by the success of Super Mario Run. Nintendo is planning to lean on the mobile gaming world, while preparing its launch of Nintendo Switch, the next big game for consoles. However, the success of Nintendo Switch is still a risky matter.

Tweaking Features

Super Mario Run

Though the Super Mario Run is doing extremely well in the App Store, there are many complaints regarding its payment structure as well as the gaming mechanics. Nintendo seems to be taking heed to this backlash, as it has been making several tweaks to the features, such as the ticket availability for the Toad Rally, an in game mode. The changes have been made after the debut of the game. More feedback will probably result in more changes and tweaks making the game smoother and improving future offerings from Nintendo.

However, the bottom line is that Nintendo seems to be committed to the mobile gaming world and we can expect to see more games from it in the near future.

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