Coromon: Pokemon-Like Monster-Catching Game Launched On Nintendo Switch


Not just its name but many of the elements offered by Coromon, a newly launched game by developer TRAGsoft, bear a strong resemblance to Pokemon, especially the earliest titles in the franchise.

The vintage pixel graphics and the overall aesthetics and user interface of the game would definitely strike a chord with players who had enjoyed playing the early Pokemon games several years back.

Those who liked the trailer and demo, which were launched way back in 2020, must be quite happy to see the game finally released. While the game got an initial release on Steam in March, now Nintendo Switch users have the option of playing it as well.

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Though the developers had planned on releasing the game simultaneously on Steam and Nintendo Switch, that couldn’t be done for multiple reasons. The developers, in an officially released statement, stated that there were some problems with the cross-platform multiplayer mode and online features of the game. Because of that, the developers said, the game had a delayed release on Nintendo Switch. Though it took a while, TRAGsoft managed to resolve the issues and now, Coromon can be enjoyed in its fullest form by Nintendo Switch users.

Even though the Pokemon franchise has gone from strength to strength in recent years, there is a good chance of Coromon building a good base for itself. The Pokemon games have evolved greatly in the last couple of years. Those who have played the earlier Pokemon games would agree with the fact that the new-age Pokemon games look very different from the earliest games in the franchise. Those who miss the older features and look of the early Pokemon games would definitely identify with Coromon.

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Just like the older Pokemon games, Coromon enables players to make changes in the difficulty setting and decide how hard or challenging they wish the game to be for them. There are several other features in the game that would please older Pokemon fans. Even many of the younger players might find the retro look of the game interesting.

Coromon release on Nintendo Switch is good news for players as the functionality of the game suits the mechanisms of a handheld console. While you can play the game on PC, it also comes with cross-platform save compatibility. This particular feature should work as one of the biggest selling points for the game.

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