GTA Online: Upcoming Update Will Enable Players to Tackle Griefing Without Paying Penalty

Grand Theft Auto Online

A soon-to-be-launched update in GTA Online has given players the opportunity to deal with the problem of griefing in interesting ways.

Scheduled to be launched on July 26, this particular update comes with a patch that features a laundry list comprising of general gameplay modifications that have been designed as per the feedback given by GTA fans in the different online communities. Some of these modifications are put together with the objective to ensure that players don’t get greatly affected by griefers.

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Once the update is launched, GTA Online players wouldn’t be required to pay the penalty after destroying an opponent’s weaponized vehicle. While players always had the option of defending themselves against griefers, it involved paying a certain amount of money as a penalty. Now, they can defend themselves without paying a single penny.

This update will also ensure that your kill/death ratio does not serve as a reflection of the kills you carried out in Free mode. The ratio will change depending on your performance or score in competitive gameplay. This will contribute greatly toward disincentivizing griefers who look for ways to enhance their K/D ratio via Free mode.

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Another highlight of the update involves enabling the players to get done with Sell Missions in private invite-only sessions. Players will get the opportunity to register themselves as CEO, President, or VIP in Invite Only, Friend and Crew Sessions, and business owners will get the chance to source out materials and sell them as and when they wish to.

There are a few things that griefers can look forward to as well. Special vehicle race creators will get options like “Anti Grief Ghosting” and “Ghost to First Checkpoint” to trouble players who break rules or drive in directions they are not supposed to venture into.

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