Cricket Wireless Cyber Monday Deals: 50% Off on Samsung Galaxy S7 and More

Cricket Wireless

The Cyber Monday deals are abound on almost every industry and it’s no wonder cellular networks are keen on joining the celebrations. Cricket Wireless has announced some huge deals on some phones like LG Stylo 2, LG X Power, ZTE Grand X Max 2  and Microsoft Lumia 650 to commemorate cyber Monday.

Samsung has had its share of potholes this year but the Galaxy S7 is without a doubt the best flagship phone from the brand. AT&T, as part of their Cricket Wireless discount program announced that subscribers will be able to receive a solid 50% discount when they opt for a S7 phone. The phone is priced at $324.99 after the 50% off. The deal continues with the LG Stylo 2 and the LG X Power smartphones. Both these models can be acquired with a connection from the provider for about $49.99.

Samsung Galaxy S7

If you are already an existing subscriber, you should be ready to merge your number with the Cricket service. It is automatically applied when you buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the LG phones as a new subscriber. The deals commence today on November 28th and will be available till tomorrow, November 29th, 2016.

AT&T has a bunch of new offers as part of Cyber Money deals, that are active already under the Cricket’s holiday deals. If flagship phones are not to your liking, there is always an option to go for a different device and enjoy the convenience that specific models have to offer. All the offers that the company has announced is applicable for new customers and old subscribers who are ready to upgrade their numbers to the Cricket plans.

The ZTE Grand X Max 2 is the priciest of the lot as it costs about $99.99 to own. Every other model in the lineup is much cheaper. The Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime will surprise you with a price tag of $29.99, which is quite cheap. You could probably check their official website for specifications and to know more about the offer AT&T provides.

Cyber monday deals

LG Escape 3 as part of the Cricket plans costs $19.99, the cheapest ever for Cyber Monday deals. There are a bunch of free phones to choose from which should save you a lot of cash and also make it easy to pay the monthly charges without having to pay upfront costs.

You could get the ZTE Sonata 3, Microsoft Lumia 650, Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 and the LG Spree without paying any upfront costs. The models are offered for free for those who move their number to Cricket. The deals are good at this time of the year and probably is a great idea to upgrade to a new phone if you are planning to.

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