Cricket Wireless Lists Holiday Bundles, You Can Get Unlimited Data for 4 @ $100/Month

With the holiday season fast approaching, the cellular service provider Cricket Wireless has already geared up and has announced a pretty lucrative deal that most customers would be more than happy to buy.

From December 1st onwards, the plan is available for all new customers and existing users. Good news is, your entire family can get onboard at the same time but without spending a fortune. Data usage has relatively increased in the past few years as people scramble to download new apps, games and watch unlimited numbers of videos on Youtube.

Cricket Wireless Lists Holiday Bundles

The family package has been designed in such a way that you can buy four different smartphone lines for the entire household and in case you need more, you can always sign up for another package making the number to 8 lines in total. Either way, all four users get unlimited data usage and it should put the entire family at ease.

After all, you no longer have to keep instructing the younger family members to watch less videos on Youtube and reduce Snapchat while asking others to not browse so much on Amazon or other online retailer websites. Every action you do on a smartphone requires plenty of data, especially if you use a lot of Netflix to watch your favorite movies.

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Be it games, songs, apps or unlimited movies, you can now watch them all. Cricket Wireless offers a decent speed of maximum 3MBPS when using the cellular network which should be more than enough to stream content as well as download apps without any waiting period. Similarly, the maximum data cap is set at 22GB after which there may be slight fluctuations in speed but it should be practically impossible even for four people to download so much data every month on their respective smartphones.

Cricket Wireless Lists Holiday Bundles,Unlimited Data

Cricket Unlimited 2 plan is the one you should go for in which you pay $100 per month to get unlimited data on four different lines and it also includes free unlimited texting to users in 38 select countries as well as unlimited calling, texts to people who live in US, Canada and Mexico. Existing customers should wait for sometime until the plan changes in their billing cycle.The 4G LTE speeds have significantly improved over the years and it is safe to say that most customers would get the best speeds in association with a family bundle that easily gets them through every month’s usage.

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