DICE is Bringing Battlefield 1 CTE to PC First, PS4 and Xbox One Platforms Will Follow

PS4 and Xbox One

The Community Test Environment for Battlefield 1 is coming to all major platforms.

DICE confirmed that they will be rolling it out enabling players to test new maps, report bugs that should make it easier for the developers to make a decision.

Battlefield 1

The CTE program has been a great success on Battlefield 4. The game had a whole lot of bugs on launch which was later fixed with the help of community testers and it also allowed developers to launch multiple free maps on the PC platform. A similar testing environment is mandatory for Battlefield 1 to make the game better. The announcement was first made on the game’s website and you need premium membership in order to access this feature. The initial rollout will take place only on PCs and DICE has promised that they will soon bring it to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

By being part of the Community Test Environment, as a player you can get to experience all the new features before everyone else. The team makes regular tweaks to the game to make it better and experiments with all-new stuff. It may or may not work as intended while crashing the game at times. To keep things under control, Electronic Arts and DICE came up with the CTE program.

Based on the Q&A session by the team on the page, it is known that not all Battlefield 1 content and features will be available on the CTE at launch. They have planned to roll it out slowly and test them at every point including checking new features in large 64 player matches. As time progress, all the Battlefield 1 content will be available after which new maps, tweaks and features will be tested on a regular basis before the big final launch.

PS4 and Xbox One

Introducing test environment on PS4 and Xbox One consoles is a useful addition as it will allow developers to test new features on the console version of Battlefield 1. Despite the similarities PCs and consoles have these days in hardware, they still have differences that needs content to be checked individually before being introduced to all players on board. The multiplayer combat is intense and demanding that players are unforgiving when it comes to bugs or glitches. The CTE makes it easier to test them and Battlefield veterans will be given first priority while other can register for it using the BF app. Not all Premium Pass owners who sign up will be selected for the CTE program as they are picked randomly.

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