Disney Dreamlight Valley: Two New Characters Confirmed in the Enchanted Adventure Update

Disney Dreamlight valley

This confirmation has resulted in fans being happy and looking forward to their arrival!

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans had been waiting for the Enchanted Adventure update for a long time. While the update will be rolled out soon, one finally have some information on the two new characters that will be introduced through it. The two characters are Belle and Beast which were first seen in the 1991-released film Beauty and the Beast. In August, Belle was already teased as a character for the game.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently available only for early access players. The game, which has been described as a life-sim game with several exciting adventure-based elements, has received glowing reviews after its initial launch. In the game, one sees the customizable avatar of the player working towards restoring a valley that has several magical elements along with multiple Pixar and Disney characters. The game has greatly benefited from the several updates that have been released so far. The cosmetic updates have appealed to a great number of players.

As confirmed by the official Twitter account of Disney Dreamlight Valley, the Enchanted Adventure Update will be adding Belle and Beast from Beauty and the Beast. While Disney has made countless films, Beauty and the Beast is one of their most successful ventures. Though the official tweet just states it is an ‚Äėupcoming‚Äô update, it is expected to be released on the eve of Dreamlight Valley‚Äôs first anniversary. The tweet features the promotional poster‚Äôs still which is 10 seconds long.

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As soon as this official announcement came through, fans started expressing their happiness over it. On social media, some of the users even stated that they would want to play the game just to see these two characters.

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