Disney Dreamlight Valley Update Arriving This Week To Eliminate Bugs

Disney Dreamlight valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley, after rolling out the Festival of Friendship update, confirmed launching a hotfix to launch some bugs in the near future.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has confirmed that it will launch a hotfix update soon. This particular update has been designed to eliminate some bugs from the game. Recently, the game was in the news for launching its Festival of Friendship content.

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Players warmed up to Disney Dreamlight Valley as soon as it came out. Among other things, the game enabled players to engage with some of the most popular characters by Disney in innovative ways. Ever since it was launched, the game has managed to maintain a strong player base. One of the biggest reasons behind this is that free content has been added to the game at regular intervals. Disney Dreamlight Valley launched the roadmap for this year a couple of weeks back. Since then, there has been a lot of excitement among players.

The update has been confirmed through the official Twitter account. The Twitter post also featured some important details pertaining to the fixes. Though it appears to be a small update, it will have a significant impact on the gameplay. If you are familiar with Stitch’s Hobby quest, then you would be happy to know that a certain change will be brought into place in its progression. Many other changes will be rolled out and you should be able to spot them easily once the update goes live.

While the update has been designed to resolve glitches associated with the Festival of Friendship release, enthusiastic players continue to look into the many mysteries pertaining to Disney Dreamlight Valley. One of the things that have caught the fancy of a large number of players is the new Red Potato item in the game. At the moment, one is not sure what it can be used for and this is making players all the more curious. Players are hopeful that the forthcoming content releases will offer players some clarity about the Red Potato.

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As a game, it has been quite a success. Gameloft, however, has struggled with multiple things in the recent past. The video game publisher, which has its headquarters in France, received some criticism for incorporating micro-transactions in Disney Dreamlight Valley before making it accessible for free. While some poorly thought-out decisions put Gameloft on a back foot, the company is gearing up to launch many of its ambitious plans this year.

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