The Sims 4: Two New Kits Get Introduced In The Game

The Sims 4

The social simulation game has gotten a little more exciting with the introduction of two new kits!

The Sims 4 players always look forward to the introduction of new kits in the game. Two new kits, which revolve around high-end products and swimwear, have just been introduced into the game. These two kits, titled Modern Luxe and Poolside Splash, have been made available on all leading platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Mac.

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The Poolside Splash Kit happens to be a Create-a-Sim or CAS release that offers a plethora of outfits, including swimwear, which can be worn while taking a dip in the pool. These clothing pieces, among other things, stand out for their inclusivity. The official statement by The Sims 4 team states that this particular selection of outfits “compliments a variety of skin tones and body types.” The kit also includes some accessories like sunglasses, sandals, rainbow nails and floaties.

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The Modern Luxe Kit, on the other hand, is a Build Buy Kit that The Sims 4 team has put together by joining hands with a content creator named Xureila. Collaborating with the content creator turned out to be a fruitful idea for the team as the kit is truly impressive.

Talking about this collaboration, Xureila stated that they were happy to see their ideas come to life in the most effective manner. They further shared that they derived inspiration from Black artists who did various artistic things to offer a glimpse of the luxurious lifestyle led by Black individuals.

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If a simmer is interested in furnishing bedrooms, they will definitely make some good use of this kit. This particular kit puts a lot of emphasis on luxury. Some of the items players get with this kit are a premium rug, comfortable bed, vanity unit, sculptures, aesthetic wall art, record player and designer handbags.

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