Don’t Trust Your Significant Other? Here’s How To Track Their Phone

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If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you believe that your partner is hiding something from you. I can only imagine how it must feel to always second guess where your partner is actually going, who they are chatting with, and what they might be sending them.

The not-knowing must be eating you alive. But, don’t worry, this article will teach you how you can snoop on their phone without them knowing and hopefully get some answers.

Keep reading to see how you can become a superspy!

What Are Spy Apps And How Do They Work?

The industry is seeing an increase in the number of commercial surveillance programs with options for practically every type of smartphone. Any amateur who wants to monitor your smartphone activity can do it with the use of a spy program and you can review the 12 best spy apps to find one which suits your needs and can uncover whatever you need!

How To Find Out What’s Happening On WhatsApp

Almost 1.2 billion people use WhatsApp every day. They use it to call relatives, make plans with their friends, communicate with colleagues, and for other shady reasons.

Since WhatsApp offers safe end-to-end encryption, a feature that essentially prohibits hackers from accessing user data, users may use the service without fear. However, despite this security, there remains a hidden threat that very few smartphone users are aware of. It turns out that people may simply hack on your WhatsApp chats. No prior hacking or technical skills are needed, so anyone can accomplish this as it is fairly easy to do so.

Once installed, a spy software may access any WhatsApp account’s data as well as any activities performed on any iPhone or Android device remotely. 

Let’s break this down. With these apps, you can see exactly who your partner is calling and at what time of the day. You can see the photos they send to each other (if you are right and your partner is cheating on you, then you might want to avoid looking at the pictures). You can also access their real-time location. So, if you know they’re supposed to be at work right now, but their location is showing them at a motel on the other side of town, then your suspicions have been confirmed and you’ve got the proof since you basically caught them red-handed.

eyeZy Access To All Of Their Social Media

Even though this phone surveillance software was just released in 2021, eyeZy has already developed into one of the industry leaders. This software is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and has bank-grade encryption to keep all user information as secure as possible.

The fact that eyeZy offers unfiltered access to text messages, Facebook messages, Instagram messages, WhatsApp messages, Telegram, and more makes it the ideal tool for partners who want to learn what their significant other is hiding from them. 

This program also has a keystroke recording capability and a “pinpoint” service that enables precise GPS position monitoring. Additionally, there is a “Plans Breaker” tool that will draw attention to social gatherings and an alerts feature that will send the user an email when certain conditions are satisfied.

With this app, there is no way that your partner can ever lie to you and expect you to go along with the lie, because you’ll have the messages and location as proof as to what they are actually doing.

How To Find Out What’s Happening On Instagram With mSpy

It contains features made just for Instagram that make it simple to spy on Instagram stories and direct messages. It’s a really well-designed spy program that manages to condense a large and diverse collection of features into a manageable and simple-to-understand package. It may also be used to spy on social networking sites like Instagram and others.

Without physically snooping through someone’s phone, mSpy enables remote monitoring of your loved one’s Instagram activity. Along with the text messages, you can view all the multimedia items they have shared over Instagram DMs. It performs all of this while encrypting all of your data in a very safe manner.

This app allows you to do much more than just spy on Instagram. It is simple to keep an eye on all social media platforms, users’ GPS whereabouts, and incoming and outgoing phone conversations. 

The best feature this app has in my humble opinion, is that you can see the deleted messages! So, if your partner thinks they’ve gotten away with cheating because they removed all proof they’ve ever communicated with another person, then they’re incredibly wrong. You can read through every single deleted text and even make use of the screenshot feature it offers.

While scrolling through their feed and reading their DMs, take a few screenshots here and there to keep as evidence. 

Why Should You Use These Spy Apps?

The answer is simple: these are the simplest and easiest ways to know for certain what your partner is doing on their phone. If you try hacking into someone’s phone by trying to guess their password, it could take you hours or you might never crack it.

There are so many possible password combinations and even if you think you know your significant other inside out, if they have got something fishy to hide, they will definitely have a password that is hard to guess. I know people don’t want to believe that their partner is capable of having an affair behind their back, but after Adam Levine cheated on his wife and wanted to name his new baby boy after his mistress, you can never be sure.

Disclaimer: trust is an important part of any relationship and these apps should not be used out of curiosity to see what your partner is doing on their phone, but only when you suspect that your partner is lying to you and may be potentially cheating.

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