GTA Vice City’s Last Date On PlayStation Plus Rumored To Be February 20, 2023

GTA vice city

A particular date has become a point of discussion for GTA fans. According to a PlayStation Japan blog post, GTA Vice City Definitive Edition will exit PlayStation Plus in a couple of months.

As per the post, February 20, 2023 will be the last day on which PS Plus can play it on the subscription service. This has shocked many fans as GTA Vice City Definitive Edition has not even arrived on the platform. The game is slated to be launched on PS Plus on October 18, 2022.

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If the exit date proves to be correct, players will get just about four months to try out the GTA Vice City remaster on PS Plus. This particular revelation about GTA Vice City Definitive Edition leaving the subscription service in February next year was made by u/KabirSingh84, a Reddit user, who highlighted the details in the PlayStation Japan blog post. This post states that the GTA Vice City Definitive Edition’s availability period on the platform is from October 18, 2022 to February 20, 2022.

It must be remembered here that PlayStation Plus makes an official announcement about a particular game leaving the platform when the date is just around the corner. This has been the standard practice followed by the subscription service for all its games.

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While this information about GTA Vice City DE leaving PS Plus on February 20, 2022 has rattled the fans, many players have also been quick to point out that one cannot blindly believe in any unverified information that comes one’s way. When you go through the entire blog post, you realize there is no proof or evidence that can substantiate the aforementioned claim. A large number of fans, however, are quite convinced that the game will exit the subscription service on this particular date.

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