Facebook May Soon Launch Bonfire, a Group Video Chat App


Facebook is currently testing a new video chat app in Denmark.

The idea is to make it the numero uno solution for group video chats and to make communications easy for those who like to keep in touch with friends.

Following the route Google took, Facebook seems to be interested in releasing multiple apps. After acquiring huge players like Whatsapp and Snapchat, the company is still on a spree trying to get more people onboard their platform and engage them on a whole new level. In reality, users may seldom want to group chat from different locations unless it is a party moment or something that demands multiple persons to respond at once.

Facebook Bonfire Video Chat App

Compared to what FB is trying with this new Bonfire app in Denmark, a typical application scenario would be in business and organizations. Professionals have a repetitive requirement to chat with different clients at once so as to complete projects. But, if you try to take the same concept and apply it amidst a group of friends it doesn’t sound as appealing as the company wants it to be.

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Based on the testing done in the country, it looks like the upcoming app Bonfire will allow up to four people to chat at once by splitting the smartphone screen. Users will also be able to use filters to spice up the conversation as they would do on Snapchat. It seamlessly integrates with Facebook Messenger allowing you to find friends who are online and invite them for a group video call. Screenshots taken during the call can also be shared on Instagram, Facebook and Messenger to let everyone know that you have had a fun time.

Facebook Bonfire, a Group Video Chat App

When representatives of the company were directly questioned about the existence of Bonfire video chat app and it’s possible launch date, they replied that the idea is to make video chat more convenient and seamless than it is now. By expanding into a family of apps, users will have the freedom to enjoy doing a lot of things they would do on a daily basis but without having to leave the comfort zone Facebook has to offer.

A very small test run is underway in Denmark, confirmed the representative but they refused to divulge any further details because the app is in its early stages and is not ready to be discussed about. Will users like Bonfire and start using it for their video calling needs? Facebook has to reveal it for users worldwide before we can confirm how intuitive and useful this idea is.

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