Dota 2 4-Player Co-Op Campaign at $10 Confirmed, First Act Launches in May

Dota 2 4-Player

It’s time to start fighting amongst yourself and go against other creatures, ferocious monsters in Dota 2.

Valve has announced that Dota 2, the multiplayer MOBA which is always about five versus five intense matches where players constantly curse each other will have them working together. The newly announced campaign mode named Silt Breaker features a series of co-op missions that you can plan alongside your friends.

Dota 2 4-Player Co-Op Campaign

If you have already purchased the 2017 BattlePass, the campaign is open to play as soon as Valve launches it. The storyline is broken into two acts and one of them will go live before the end of May while the second one will be available in July. Four players can experience the campaign at the same time. If you don’t have that many friends to play with, the internet is always there as this is a multiplayer campaign.

Players from other parts of the world can team up undertake a cooperative adventure. The action takes place in the Dark Reef where it’s not only the monsters you have to fight with but also escape cunning traps and lethal terrors. Using your heroes powers can never be so demanding especially when fighting against a common enemy like the Roshan. Every time players login to play the game, they will be able to earn more campaign XP which can be used to unlock new items as well as the chance to get the Desert Sands Baby Roshan. It will be available on the Wheel of Rewards.

The pricing is definitely steep considering the fact that Dota 2 fans would usually spend any amount of money to enjoy their favorite game. After a long time, the developers at Valve are bringing something unique and worth your time. For $10 you will not only receive access to the two part four player campaign mode but also to the usual goodies associated with Battle Pass.

Dota 2 4-Player

The screenshot released showcases a world that is very similar to Diablo but if you are already familiar with your hero, you need no introduction on how to use their powers and take down the monsters. The developers playfully commented that if Dota 2 didn’t look like Warcraft III for you so long, then the new campaign mode should do the trick as it makes it look more like the RPG it should be than the bloodshed MOBA it is. Get the Battle Pass and you should be good for another two months to go.