WhatsApp for Android 2.17.171 Gets a Message Recall Icon

WhatsApp for Android 2.17.171

Sending the wrong message to the unintended recipient has been a huge issue for WhatsApp users.

The developers are quite aware of the problem and introduced multiple features like revoke, unsend.

They seem to have finally settled on the name that says Recall. A new icon can be found on WhatsApp for Android version 2.17.171. The feature is disabled by default at the moment and there is no word on when the team plans to make it public for users worldwide. Recalling a sent message is one of the most wanted features above them all. The content could be offensive, wrong or could affect an individual’s persona if they accidentally send a personal message to their boss or someone official.

Whatsapp for Android Message Recall Icon

The developers continued to experiment by changing the time within which any message could be revoked. At first, it was close to 20 minutes and later was changed to two minutes. At the moment, the recall or revoke feature is there in WhatsApp but how it works seems a mystery. When checked, the message was still on the recipient’s phone and it displayed even though the sender deleted it from the server. The people behind the app has to work on this as the message getting displayed voids the purpose of using something to pull your statement back.

Once any user removes the message from the server, it should be deleted from the source and should never get displayed on a phone or in the instant notification screen used in Android devices. The team has also confirmed that once the recall icon is introduced for Android phones, it will eventually be rolled out to iOS devices as well. In the screenshots posted online, a message also states that you have recalled this message. It clearly shows that it will no longer be read by the recipient.

Whatsapp for Android Message Recall

And, the screenshot also confirmed that messages can not only be removed from individual chat windows but can also be recalled from group messages. Another important addition that most users would appreciate because if you send something wrong in a group, the consequences could be pretty large when compared to an individual message. The hidden feature may take its own time to be revealed to the general public. WhatsApp developers are experimenting with a lot of features at the moment and they are yet to decide the time window before which a message could be recalled. A window that is close to 15 minutes sounds like a good choice for most to make up their mind and recall a sent message.