EA’s FIFA 18 will Continue Journey Season 2 with New Story Arc and Characters

FIFA 18 Journey Season 2

Electronic Arts experienced immense success with the Journey in FIFA 17 and the experience will continue in FIFA 18 as confirmed by the company’s CEO.

The most lucrative franchise that EA has, FIFA is about to step into another year. A new game is coming this year which we probably knew already yet it is good when Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts confirmed it officially. The team is working on a new football game and this time they are going to follow the same path as last year’s version. The Journey was amazing that followed the life of a player and it will go on with the Journey Season 2.


“The foundation we created in the earlier game will be carried forward with FIFA 18. Players will once again experience the best. The Journey with Season 2 will introduce new characters and a brand new storyline to build the legacy. Our development team in Vancouver is working on building an engrossing experience which also has the most loved Ultimate Team in it. We believe that what we are creating will drive players emotionally and allow them to connect with the characters in FIFA like never before,” said Wilson.

He further added that the number of players who joined the Ultimate Team jumped by 10 percent. Every year, there is a steady increase in number of players who try out the new changes in ultimate team and get glued to it. The Journey was played by at least 10 million players and with such massive support from players, the team was obviously inclined to make a better version of it by including more immersive storyline in it.

The Journey in FIFA 17 introduced players a story driven single player campaign for the first time with a lead character. It followed the path of Alex Hunter who starts at the bottom as a novice football player and slowly grows to reach the top. The story was delivered with apt usage of cutscenes, multiple characters, real life player animations and managers. It delivered the story in between each match making the sport title exciting.

FIFA 18 Journey Season 2

FIFA 18 will bring in new characters and possibly a much better storyline. Alex Hunter maybe in it but we can’t comment on it for now. EA confirmed that they will deliver an emotional storyline and it is good news for longtime fans as well as new ones who would love to enjoy football games with a character that personally appeals to them.

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