Maradona, Pele and More Legendary Players Coming to FIFA 18


Electronic Arts is going pretty huge with FIFA 18 like no other game in the past.

While the Ultimate Team and the single player campaign is one of the biggest selling points of the franchise, the developers are now going to add some iconic players from the past giving it the edge against Pro Evolution Soccer 2018.

While the cover of FIFA 18 features a contemporary player like Cristiano Ronaldo, the records broken and history made by the legendary football players and goalkeepers from the past is something new players couldn’t overcome so easy. These people that EA has planned to add to the Ultimate Team made history throughout their record. The top five will include King of Football Pele, Diego Maradona, Ronaldo Nazario, Thierry Henry and the effortlessly brilliant Lev Yashin.

For the average player, this is like a dream come true because you will have people like Roberto Carlos, Carles Puyol and Michael Owen are paired up in a single team. Since the beta, the developers of FIFA 18 had been doing a lot to perfect the FUT icon and offer people more ways to experience the game. The ability to customize characters, authentic looks, commentary and presentation has been the one that sells the Electronic Arts game every year without fail.

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The Playstation 4 version of FIFA 18 will also get Ronaldinho. Instead of simply throwing all those legendary players into the game, the developer team is going to add a realistic touch to it. The performance of these players will vary in three different versions based on the timeline of the real people. The ratings, performance and other things will keep changing as how these players were during their respective timelines. An easy example is to go with Ronaldinho who had a completely different performance in 2002 while it drastically changed in 2010.

FIFA 18 Diego Maradona

Apart from all these changes and improvements, the Squad Building Challenges are being introduced in the game which allows players to earn unique rewards everyday. Another new feature is the Squad Battles in which you have to specifically climb your way up the ladder and become the top of the leaderboard while earning rewards along the path. FIFA 18 icons edition give access to special icons and other exclusive content that would make ardent fans happy. The game is set for launch on September 29th as it always does towards the end of the year and will compete with Konami’s PES 2018 once again.

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