Elder Scrolls Oblivion: YouTuber Sets a New Record By Completing The Game in Less Than 3 Minutes

Elder Scrolls IV

Recently, a user set a new world record by conquering The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in less than three minutes. This user happens to be a YouTuber named Depardim.

He completed the game in a span of two minutes and thirty-three seconds. To finish the game in record time, he used several glitches in the game to his advantage. He traveled through geometry, clipped across walls and carried out many such innovative things that helped him set this world record.

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The fourth installment in the very popular gaming franchise, which was launched way back in 2006, gives players the opportunity to explore the vast terrain of Cyrodiilalong with an exciting role-playing experience. Though the game has had its share of criticism, it has a special place in the hearts of Bethesda’s fans.

While the fourth installment got marginally sidelined because of the massive popularity gained by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, there are many who are still quite enamored by everything Oblivion has to offer. The fourth entry to the series comes equipped with many wonderful features that one didn’t come across in Skyrim. In this installment, gamers have been given much more freedom as far as character customization is concerned. It also has a personal playstyle approach to everything.

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For instance, the spell crafting system in Oblivion offers magical characters an opportunity to develop their unique powers. There is also a dialogue system that enables players to build realistic or practical relationships with characters that are not driven by players. Though the graphics in the game are slightly dated, the 4K Elder Scrolls: Oblivion mod has shown that there is a wonderful possibility of putting together an advanced remastered version of the game.

While speedrunning is an effective method to bring some vitality into an old game, the creation of new mods at regular intervals has played an important role in keeping Oblivion stay fresh and relevant. Recently, a particular creator introduced players to the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion airship mod that enables players to fly above the hills of Cyrodiil.

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