Call of Duty: Vanguard Developers Confirm The Arrival of New Incendiary Nerfs

COD Vanguard

Along with Bayonet builds and shotguns, one feature that has always been very popular in Call of Duty: Vanguard are Incendiary Rounds.

Ever since it was launched, fireworks have always made their presence felt in the game.

This issue got discussed very prominently when ‘tone deaf’ Incendiary Grenades were introduced to the game in Season 1. With a large number of players asking for nerfs regularly, the developing team has finally decided to fulfill their wish.

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As confirmed by Sledgehammer Games on January 7, some modification is being made to fire damage in CoD Vanguard. Though the exact date has not been confirmed by the gaming company, what one knows for sure is that a lot of major changes will be incorporated soon.

The State of Vanguard from CODVanguard

“We’re nerfing Incendiary Grenades by reducing the overall damage dealt”, an official statement released by the developing team stated. The team further added that “they’ll still be painful, but you’ll recover.”

What this implies is that the dangerous weapon will not kill in an outright manner. It should cause damage steadily but will provide targets with an opportunity to survive. It must be noted here that two Vanguard guards are being readied to tackle fire damage. A lot of improvements will be made to Dauntless and Fortified, so that they can deal with the damage effect well. As per the team, Fortified “will significantly reduce incoming fire damage” and Dauntless will take up the responsibility to “grant immunity when moving through fire.”

The gaming company is very confident that these adjustments will improve Vanguard. The development team has several other plans that will be carried out one by one. The team will be rolling out another important update pertaining to Incendiary Grenades. As per the team, this update will “reduce the area affected”. This statement applies to the smoke effect and the fire’s radius that obstruct sightlines.

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While the dates for these updates have not been yet, the developing team has stated that they will share more details later. Fans can now be assured about the fact that fire damage would not adversely affect the Vanguard lobby for a long time now.

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