Grand Theft Auto 5 Trevor Philips Actor Sends Surprise Message To Twitch Streamer xQc


Grand Theft Auto Online gives players the opportunity to engage with Los Santos’ setting as their customized characters.

Not just that, the much-talked-about GTA Online RP NoPixel server enables both streamers and players to role play at the same time and share their individual experiences with each other.

xQc, who happens to be one of the most popular Grand Theft Auto roleplaying Twitch streamers, has his own character in the GTA RP NoPixel server which goes by the name of ‘Jean Paul’ or ‘X’. This particular character had ‘humble beginnings’ what with him engaging in minor criminal activities like lock-picking, house robberies and bank robberies. However, with time xQc managed to build a reputation for himself as one of the nefarious characters on the NoPixel Server. Despite all this popularity, xQc might not have expected to be acknowledged by Steven Ogg, the actor who portrayed Trevor Philips in GTA 5.

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xQx received this shout-out during the New Year Show by Nymnthat was anchored by the streamer Nymn. This was an award show that was organized to celebrate some of the funniest moments on Twitch. As the 2021 Streamer of the Year Award was given to xQc, many streamers, including the likes of QTCinderell and Cr1TiKaL, discussed their experiences of collaborating with him. Steven Oggsent a personalized video message to xQc congratulating him for the win.

Along with congratulating xQc, Oggsent him New Year’s greetings as well. He also shared a joke about why X didn’t send an invitation to Trevor Philips for any of his bank heists in the past. He went ahead and wished xQc well for the holiday season and said that he wishes his loved ones to be safe and healthy.

It must be mentioned here that this is not the first time that xQc received a shoutout from a well-known personality. xQc was praised by rapper Lil Uzi Vertduring a livestream that he conducted with streamer Trainwreckstv. During the livestream, they discussed a variety of topics. While they didn’t arrive at a consensus on many subjects, originality and creativity were the two topics they had similar viewpoints on.

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In the past, there had been multiple occasions during which xQc was banned from the NoPixel server. In most instances, Jean Paul, his character, was found to be indulging in activities that were against the rules and protocols that one needs to follow in the NoPixel server.

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