Elephant Mario In Super Mario Wonder Will Receive a Plush Next Year

Elephant Mario

While it is good news for fans, the Japanese fans could get it sooner than everybody else.

At the moment, Super Mario fans are extremely excited about the arrival of Wonder. It will be, after all, the first Mario game to be out on Nintendo Switch after the massive success of the movie made on this super famous character. While the game will be bringing several elements to the fore, fans are looking forward to it introducing Elephant Mario to the Mushroom Kingdom. Nintendo has shared a confirmation about the main character’s look being converted into a plush.

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The plush, shared by sanei_NLG, can be described as a solid replica of Elephant Mario from Wonder. It has a height of 26 centimeters and will be out in the early months of 2024. One hears that the plush will only be released in the Japanese market. However, there is a good possibility of it releasing in all major markets very soon.

Nintendo might want to check and see how well plush is working in Japan and then, decide whether it should be introduced in other markets as well. If it gets a good response in Japan, the United States might turn out to be one of the first countries it gets a release in. Depending on where you are based in, it could take you a while to get access to it. However, since Nintendo has already confirmed its arrival, you can be sure about getting the opportunity to have a look at it soon.

Since fans are already anticipating a huge gap between the plush release in Japan and the US, one can use the recently rolled-out Detective Pikachu plush as a reference. The property was exclusively launched for the Japanese market. However, it will soon be accessible in the Pokemon Center based in the US.

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