Super Mario Maker 2: Code Enables Players To Unlock Fan-Made Adventure

Super Mario

Those who are playing Super Mario Maker 2 can now gain access to a Zelda adventure, created by a fan, with the help of a unique code!

An enthusiastic Super Mario Maker 2 player recently put together a Super World based on The Legend of Zelda. By using a unique code, a gamer can participate in this adventure. While there have been several Mario games, Super Mario Maker 2, undoubtedly, is that one game wherein one witnessed a lot of experimental activities taking place. Among other things, this game succeeded in showcasing how well the player community can contribute to a game and make it better.

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As soon as the first Super Mario Maker game was launched, players started bringing their creative ideas to the fore and worked towards redesigning some of the most popular Mario levels and putting together some new levels. An ardent fan, for instance, seven years of their life creating an unofficial Super Mario Bros 5 game with the help of an engine. Now, a player has designed a full-fledged Zelda adventure with the help of Super Mario Maker 2 mechanics innovatively.

The player, who is responsible for putting together this Zelda adventure, goes by the name Random-Joe-64 in the gaming community. This particular project has been given the name The Legend of Zelda: Super World. When you have a look at the project, you realize it combines the elements of Super Mario Bros games and Zelda. The game features as many as eight different worlds and players get to explore a total of 35 levels. To access this Zelda adventure, players can use the code ID DCR-F5H-RJG.

[AoL] [OTHER] Zelda Super World Super Mario Maker 2
by u/Random-Joe-64 in zelda

The aforementioned video, which has been shared by Random-Joe-64, offers a glimpse of the different levels in the game. One of the highlights of the video is the presence of several popular antagonists or enemies from the Super Mario Bros gaming franchise. The player has stated that Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link served as the biggest inspiration for putting together this unique Zelda adventure.

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This is one of those projects that has served as a testimony to the fact that Mario and Zelda have a huge fanbase comprising of players who have a certain devotion towards these entities. Their creativity and imagination have played an important role in making these games come across as interesting over the years.

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