Overwatch PS4 Update Brings Ana, New Changes Include A Nerfed Torbjorn


After weeks of delay, the new Overwatch update has been rolled out to PS4.

Sony has approved the files submitted by Blizzard and players can finally enjoy being Ana, the sniper healer.

There have been consistent complaints related to updates being late on the PS4 and the Xbox One consoles. Most developers just roll out new patches and updates on the PC platform without any screening process. They are usually not answerable to anyone and have all the freedom they need. However, the same cannot be said about consoles. Microsoft and Sony has to individually approve the files before they are transferred to the respective game titles.

Overwatch is no different when it comes to receiving such patches. The new hero Ana, a healer who has a sniper gun that she uses to lock targets and heal or strike ongoing damage was rolled out to PC gamers almost two weeks ago. Those on the platform has already played hundreds of hours with the hero. Similarly, the changes made to the competition mode where Blizzard limited players from picking the same hero again and the nerfed Torbjoin has also been launched.

Nerfed Torbjorn

If PS4 gamers had to endure this long wait, Xbox One gamers are yet to receive Ana and the Overwatch update. Being a console gamer is fun but such wait times are inevitable due to restrictions by the hardware owners. Ana is considered to be a crowd favourite because she has plenty of stuns to do. She is equipped with a grenade which when blasted can heal a percentage in the entire radius. A great equipment to use during team fights and turn the tide against enemies.

She can also put an enemy to sleep for a specific period of time. If the player is attacked, they will instantly wake up. The ultimate gives increased damage, resistance and strength to a particular teammate which comes in handy. The sniper rifle fires shots to heal instantly or deal over the time damage to enemies.

Heroes including Torbjorn, Zenyatta and D. Va were nerfed. Heroes with turrets now have reduced damage to make the gameplay more balanced. Overwatch is on the right track with Blizzard making changes constantly to ensure the best experience for gamers, especially in the competitive mode. Even though, it is unforgiving, it is the challenge that makes it stand out from other modes and deliver a hardcore experience for demanding gamers.

Full change log is here – http://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20747634650

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