Exclusive: ‘OnePlus Bullets Wireless’ Headphones Could be Released Along with OnePlus 6

OnePlus Bullets

OnePlus could be coming up with a pair of Wireless Bluetooth Headphones named ‘OnePlus Bullets Wireless’.

OnePlus 6 is just around the corner as the CEO of the company revealed its specs and a dedicated forum page for OnePlus 6 went live yesterday.

The latest Bluetooth listing confirmed a OnePlus Bullets Wireless headset which looks like it is the follow up for the popular Bullets V2 in-ear phones.

The Bullets V2 was a pair of decent cans which are wired but this time the company is focusing on offering a truly wireless Bluetooth experience if we are to go by the information provided in the Bluetooth Certification page.

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OnePlus Bullets Wireless

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless is registered under the company name OnePlus Technology and has the specification name 4.1. It also goes by a reference qualified design supported by Qualcomm Technologies and is identified by the model number BT31B.

The description of the product and the product name clearly specifies it as the OnePlus Bullets Wireless. You can checkout the screenshot below to confirm.

Oneplus Bullets Wireless

Bullets Wireless Vs OnePlus Bullets (V2)

In terms of design, the Bullets V2 came with a full-metal finish, flat cables to keep them tangle free and authentic sound reproduction. The technical specifications of the Bullets V2 claim the in-ear phones have 24 ohms impedance, have a 1.25m cable and weighs moderately at 14 grams. It also includes an in-line remote making it easy to switch songs, increase or reduce the volume.

Implementing all these features in the Bullets Wireless could be a difficult task as wireless Bluetooth in-earphones are usually smaller in size. OnePlus may choose to implement voice commands and support for Google Assistant to offer a seamless experience to listeners.

OnePlus Bullets

Is Bullets Wireless Competing with Sony Xperia Ear Duo?

While it may not seem like a direct competition as the Xperia Ear Duo focuses on a unique design which allows you to listen to music and the surroundings at the same time, Bullets Wireless is expected to be a closed back design. The Sony product supports Google Assistant and Siri. The device can be charged using the bundled charging case which has a 740mAh battery. We have to wait for the official announcement during the launch to know more about the upcoming headphones from OnePlus.

OnePlus has always been a company that focuses on affordable, flagship-quality features. Implementing a charging case and touch sensors on the Bullets Wireless could drastically increase the pricing of the product. It is to be seen how the team provides great value for money while keeping the in-ear model affordable.

The company may launch the OnePlus Bullets Wireless earphones along with the OnePlus 6 flagship model which could be a pleasant surprise for fans.

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With Apple iPhone X ditching the 3.5mm jack and many major companies including Sony moving towards wireless, do you think OnePlus would do the same thing in future? Or is it launching the wireless headphones just to stay ahead with the competition? Let us know in the comments below.

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