Apple AirPods 2018 Will Be Waterproof and Lets You Access Siri Wirelessly

Apple AirPods 2018 Will Be Waterproof and Lets Access Siri Wirelessly

Apple previously announced that they have plans to release an improved version of the Apple AirPods in 2018.

The company might make an announcement before the end of the year with a new pair of earphones that will be truly wireless besides being waterproof.

According to a Bloomberg report, the new AirPods when launched will be a sweet deal for users who are already enjoying the wireless convenience the device offers. Users don’t have to carry around big cables or wear a large headset to listen to music and make phone calls. They can do it all by simply connecting the pods which seamlessly connects to your iPhone with a single tap.

Apple AirPods 2018 Will Be Waterproof and Lets You Access Siri Wirelessly

The Airpods even though very futuristic with a simple design and motion sensors to automatically pause music when removed, still lacked some basic qualities. In order to access Siri, users should manually tap once on it and it will access the voice AI from the iPhone. This will no longer be the case when Apple launched 2018 AirPods which will be completely wireless and you should be able to wake up the Voice AI through voice commands. There’s no need to tap to access it and almost every action will be replaced with a voice command.

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Google Assistant is the viable alternative to Apple Siri but the company never implemented it on any headsets until recently. The Bose QC35 II was the first ever model from a third party manufacturer to support the voice assistant while Pixel Buds from Google is the in-house product to support it. The Pixel Buds are an impressive piece of technology as it supports real-time translation when someone talks to you and they will translate it to a language you understand.

Apple AirPods 2018

The 2018 AirPods from Apple will also get upgraded with the latest wireless chip to support better range and voice-based connectivity. Apart from Google, Amazon is the closest competitor with its Alexa voice AI which has made its way to headphones but integrating them into tiny wireless earphones poses some technical challenges. Third party manufacturers may be ready to do it but it may affect battery life which is why the manufacturers come up with products of their own to support voice AI.

Wireless earbuds are much better now than the past and with the help of Siri or Google Assistant, they make life easier with live translation and navigation features that come in handy. Apple AirPods 2018 with improved features might make it even better for the user.

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