What to Expect in CES 2017 : UHD OLED Displays, Android Televisions and More

CES 2017

Every year CES 2017 has made headlines and this time, the event brings UHD OLED displays, fully connected Android televisions and more gadgets to enthrall customers worldwide.

The Consumer Electronics Show 2017 is one of the biggest events of the year where technology and gadgets are announced in abundance. Every year we witness new products related to video and audio, surprisingly a lot of televisions make their first appearance in here. The UDH 4K televisions are expected to get cheaper in 2017 as all major brands are bent on pushing the technology to the average buyer. It requires more content to watch and connectivity which will be achieved by integrating Android in them.

Android TV UHD OLED Displays

Major manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Sony and TCL will be there to launch their greatest products. There will be plenty of brands like Vu that is known for offering cheap televisions with exceptional build quality. Almost every last product to be revealed at CES 2017 will feature connected technology. If these companies choose to adopt as their preferred platform of choice, it could be the best decision ever made as Android smartphones are the top selling devices around the globe.

The event will not only witness the launch of televisions from known brands but game hardware developers Nvidia and Razer will be there to bring their own products. They are always good at making devices that integrate with HD and UHD TVs for amazing content, picture quality besides bringing the gaming experience to the television market. Nvidia is expected to announce a new version of their SHIELD Android device while Razer will take a completely different route with Razer Forge TV.

Majority of these announcements are speculations and some brands may drop out of the race. CES 2017 will also witness the launch of HDR10 technology in multiple models. Recent reviews suggested 4K difference doesn’t justify its huge price tag but HDR is already popular on console gaming and bringing it to the movie experience is the next sensible step to make. With HDR10 and Dolby Vision equipped in modern day televisions, surround sound systems and soundbars, it won’t be long before real theaterical experiences are replicated at home without spending a fortune.

CES 2017

CES 2017 will also be the launchpad for a range of new smart boxes that converts your existing HDTVs into Netflix powerhouses. With better hardware, the next gen televisions are expected to support 4K content without lags. Automobile companies are expected discuss about autonomous technology during the tech expo next month.

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