Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 Edition Gets December Security Update

Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung has rolled out the December security update for their Galaxy A5 2016 smartphone and being a small update, it doesn’t come with a detailed change log.

The total size of the security update is exceptionally low at just 11 megabytes. However, it is expected to fix a lot of issues and make the phone more secure than it already is. The firmware version is XXS3BPLA which when installed will fix a number of known issues even though Samsung didn’t elaborate on the topic.

Samsung Galaxy A5

The OTA security update is available in Europe and most users have received a notification by now. However, if you live in the region and had not received the update notification yet, you can manually check for it in the settings page. Head to your Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 Android settings page and click on check for updates. Your phone should be connected to the internet when you do so.

In some scenarios, the security update may now show up even when you manually do. The only way to do is wait for Samsung to roll it out to you. The manufacturer’s website usually posts detailed updates on how and where to get it. Many of these pages are in German and probably if you are a local, you can read them all to follow the instructions and get the patch.

One of the update note states that it fixes a critical flaw even though we still have no idea of what it actually fixes, unless the company decides to release a change log. All Galaxy A5 2016 models that are not tied to any specific brands will receive the update, as confirmed by Galaxyclub.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Security Update

Samsung has been on a rolling spree in recent days as the brand continuously launched security updates for many of their models including Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S5 Plus among other models. Many of them are officially approved by Google and has over 81 fixes bundled in the update.

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