Facebook Introduces a New Way to Go Live With 360-degree Live Video Streaming

Facebook 360-degree Live Video

At the beginning of 2016, Facebook had introduced the Live video streaming feature to its social networking platform which was gradually rolled out later to everyone.

After that, the company had also added support to stream 360-degree videos to its app. Now, Facebook has combined both these amazing features into one outstanding feature, i.e., Facebook Live 360 videos. At the same time, Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has also started to roll out Live videos feature on Stories to all its users based in the US.

Facebook 360-degree Live Video

Live 360-degree Video on Facebook

The social networking company had introduced the 360-degree Facebook Live videos. It will be made available to Facebook Pages through the Live API in the upcoming months. Facebook had also confirmed that the Live 360 videos will be broadly rolling out in 2017 for all Pages and Profiles.

Affiliation with National Geographic

To mark the debut of the new Live 360 video on Facebook, the company had partnered with National Geographic. The primary Live 360 video belonging to the National Geographic had shown 7 space scientists from across the globe who have been living in pods from the past 80 days and were simulating every aspect of life on Mars, that also included total isolation from humanity. As a part of the National Geographic’s global effort evolving around MARS, the science news company will go live on Facebook in with 360 degrees videos as the scientists are emerging from the pods. The video will also take the audience behind the scenes to delve into the living quarters of the scientists and also see how they suit up in their space suits, apart from drifting around the Martian landscape. Facebook had also confirmed that the first Live 360 video will also include Q&A sessions where a selection of science experts, apart from a line-up of writers and thinkers will be taking questions from the Facebook audience.

From There, Right Here

Facebook Live videos

The Product Manager and the Software Engineer of Facebook had announced in an official post that Live Videos on Facebook will be giving the users an authentic and an immediate window into what is happening right now around the world. The company had also mentioned that the 360-degree videos will immerse the viewers completely into the scene and will allow them to explore it, all by themselves by experiencing a new environment. Facebook had mentioned that the company was very excited to combine both these formats into a single Live 360-degree video, which is expected to transport the audience into experiences which are happening right now.

Moments on the Web

Apart from introducing the Live 360-degree video, the social networking company is also rolling out slowly the lightweight Web version of Facebook Moments, which will be visible on the left pane of the Facebook website. The Web version lets the users to just view the photos which have been shared by the user or by their contacts but does not allow them to add the photos. The users will have to download the Facebook app on the Android and iOS platforms in order to add the photos.

Live Video on Instagram

Live Video on Instagram

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, had also started to roll out the Live video feature on its Stories page to all the users who are based in the United States. The Live video on Stories, which was initially announced in November, allowed the users to go live by just letting the users swipe right from the feed in order to open the camera and then tap on the button for ‘Start Live Video’. The Live video on Instagram Stories will disappear from the app after the user is done with the Live video.

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