Meet GBWhatsApp: The Best WhatsApp Mod for Android Users


There are several instant messaging applications out there for users on Android devices. The most popular among them is certainly Facebook’s WhatsApp which is used by the most number of people. Actually, there is no doubt about that, the chat service claims a whopping over 1.1 billion active users.

But, did you know there is an awesome mod of the app? Probably no, many don’t know about it yet. Well, there is a fascinating clone to the popular messaging service with the best features anyone could ever dream of and it is named GBWhatsApp. This article will take you through what the modified version of the popular chat service is all about and how it compares to the original WhatsApp.

There are many WhatsApp mods all over the internet today but GBWhatsApp is the real deal. Many replicas of the Facebook app in the net have been shadowed by GBWhatsApp which has stood out and has managed to gather a considerable number of users. The application’s success can be directly associated with the fascinating features it offers and the frequent updates it gets. Several third party apps are created but they never get updated resulting to performance issues but with GBWhatsApp, the developer pushes updates frequently so fear for bugs and other issues is well managed.

As said earlier, this is a modified version of WhatsApp meaning it does not only offer features already on the app but also offers an advanced version of these already fascinating functions. It also offers further features that are not in the instant messaging giant. It is also good to know that the app is based on WhatsApp 2.16.252 version meaning it is up to date with the newly introduced features on the mother platform.


GBWhatsApp features

Among other capabilities, GBWhatsApp allows users to hide message delivery check marks right from the second tick, last seen, blue ticks among others. The app also enables users to install customized themes from within the app. Besides, users can also tailor the app to desired appearances. Remember that GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp can run concurrently on one device without issues even if the device is not dual-SIM. Here is the full list:

  • Voice/video calling enabled
  • Group names spans up to 35 characters
  • Hide various steps like your timestamp ‘Last Seen’, second brown tick, typing symbol among others
  • Broadcast messages can be sent to up to 600 contacts at ago
  • Status length extended from 139 to 255
  • Ability to copy other contact’s status on clipboard
  • A hundred plus languages supported
  • Various bugs concerning video calling thwarted
  • Ability to change the app icon and notification icon
  • You can select text on WhatsApp and copy in GBWhatsApp
  • Ability to secure your app with a password without resorting to a third party application
  • Mark and send up to 90 pictures at once instead of sending just 10
  • Ability to create and customize a personal theme and send it to the app developers
  • View members of a group without saving their contacts
  • Make a standard phone call to your contact without leaving the app
  • Browse the web for photos from within the messenger

There are tons of other features that you will see when the app is installed on your device. The latest version 5.15 released on December 12, 2016, is now available for download. You can download the gbwhatsapp.apk from the internet and install it on your Android smartphone without rooting your device.

To all folks using WhatsApp out there you can try GBWhatsApp out, it’s just amazing. Pair it alongside your normal App and see the difference.

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