Facebook Mobile Ad Business Now Worth a Massive $13 Billion

Facebook Ad business

Facebook mobile ad business has truly become a force to reckon in the ad industry and is becoming a bit of a concern for Google.

Facebook’s mobile ad business has grown from nothing to something in just a few years. This can be backed by the fact that the use of mobile devices has grown manifold in the past few years as well, something that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is really relishing.

Facebook is known to everyone as the place where friends and family meet to share their life moments with others. However, very few people are literally aware that the social media platform makes volumes of money out of mobile advertising. On the other side, if you’re the one who invests into ads on this platform, don’t forget to test your ad localization.

Facebook has generated more than $13.2 billion in mobile ad revenue

At the moment, the company has amassed total revenue of at least $13.2 billion from its mobile ad business in just a year’s period.

Facebook mobile ad business

In 2012, the social media giant announced that it only managed percentage mobile ad revenue of 3%. This was reported after the second quarter of this year. However, the revelations made during the just-ended quarter are shocking. The company revealed that this figure has improved to 80%, showing that the mobile ad business has really worked out for the Zuck.

It’s unimaginable to say that Facebook has achieved this massive figure in just a period of four years after starting its mobile ad business. A general look at things at Facebook will make it vivid that mobile ad business is currently on the boom, especially when it’s put head to head with things like desktop ads. In fact, current reports are that Facebook mobile ad business accounts for about 75% of the collected revenue, which currently stands at $17.9 billion.

Mark Zuckerberg’s arsenal is still full

While Facebook’s revenues stand at a staggering $17 billion, the company has yet to get the most out of all the areas it has invested in. For instance, it has WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Oculus Rift, but it has yet to make a fortune out of any of these offerings.

WhatsApp recently hit 1 billion monthly active users and rather than come in with ways of generating revenue, the chat app removed the $0.99 fee it previously charged users for using it. Facebook Messenger, on the other hand, has more than 800 million users, but the company has yet to monetize its services. There is even more coming from Oculus VR, which recently unveiled the first VR headset, the Rift.

In short, there are plenty of channels for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook to add more money to the current revenue; it is only a matter of time.

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