Samsung Ultra HD 4K Blue-Ray Disc Player Goes on Sale for $399

Samsung Ultra HD 4K Blue-ray disc player

Fresh from January’s Consumer Electronic Show, Samsung has officially announced that the new Samsung Ultra HD 4K Blue-ray Disc player is now available for sale.

The video industry has really picked up these days as everyone is in love with watching videos on social media sites, chat apps, and many other platforms. Samsung wants to be at the center of this growth with its new 4K Blue-ray Disc players that will allow users to connect to their prestigious Ultra HD TVs.

Beating the competition

In essence, this is the first 4K Blue-ray disc player that Samsung has released. The device went on sale this past Friday and at the moment, those who want to dive into high definition watching can get this player from the Video & Audio Center in California for as little as $399.

Many expected that the first of these players to be released will wait until somewhere in April or even beyond. But now that Samsung has announced it, there is no more waiting. Samsung wants enthusiasts to get a taste of its products first before moving on to other serious competitors in the same field such as Phillips, which plan on unveiling their players in April.

Despite being the first to come in with this device, the South Korean tech giant will reportedly be availing the Samsung Ultra HD 4K Blue-ray Disc player on a limited scale. However, we expect to see more of these devices in other regions of the country sooner than later.

Versatile in terms of compatibility

As far as compatibility is concerned, you have little to worry about. Samsung’s Ultra HD 4K Blue-ray Disc can be used to play the latest 3D and Blue-ray discs, wirelessly stream 4K content from Netflix and other similar platforms as well as play DVDs and CDs.

Samsung Ultra HD 4K Blue-ray disc player

According to the chief technologist at Video & Audio Center, Tom Campbell, the new Samsung Ultra HD 4K Blue-ray Disc player is “phenomenal” and it prepares consumers “for the future.”

Speaking of the future, Samsung will also be announcing the next flagship – Samsung Galaxy S7 – in the coming few days. The company has scheduled a special event on February 21, a day before the onset of the MWC 2016 show in Barcelona, Spain. This is when the Galaxy S7 and its brother Galaxy S7 Edge are expected to be unveiled for the first time.

The official public sale is expected to begin about a few weeks later, with current reports pointing towards March 11 as the day this device will become official in the United States.

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