Facebook Tests Slideshow Movie Maker for Its Android Beta App

Facebook Slideshow feature

Facebook has been reportedly testing its Slideshow movie maker on its Android beta app.

The Slideshow movie maker is a feature that lets the user post a slideshow comprising of many photos and videos along with the music. The Slideshow feature was previously introduced on the iOS platform this year in June. The launch showed that the feature will come with a pre-made slide show which can be customized according to the taste of the user by adding or erasing content, apart from choosing the themes that are present at the top. The pre-made slide show for iOS showed that it will be created on its own by using at least five photos or videos that have been taken in last 24 hours. Now, Facebook is testing this same Slideshow feature for its Android beta app, wherein it will allow the users to create their own slideshow and also post it.

Facebook Slideshow

Previous iOS Foray

Previously in June this, Facebook had introduced its Slideshow feature in its ‘Moments‘ app but it was later jerked into the company’s iOS app. However, it came with a catch and the users were not able to find an option to create a slide show inside the app. Only when they accidently happened to go back to the Slideshow, which was already posted in their News Feed, the users were able to discover the feature. The users were the prompted to tap on ‘Try it’ in order to create a slideshow, which could be customized with the predefined music from Facebook. Facebook had then offered around 10 themes with music and visuals to choose from that included Nostalgic, Inspired, Playful, Birthday, Night Out, Thankful, Epic, Amped, Tropical, and Bollywood.

Facebook Slideshow feature

Slideshow Movie Maker for Android

With the Slideshow movie maker feature arriving on the Facebook beta app on the Android platform, users will now be able to create their own Slideshow. They will not have to scroll explicitly through their News Feed to find another slideshow, nor will they have to wait until Facebook generates one for them. Upon tapping on the top of the writing canvas that is present inside the app, a new window will be opened that will display multiple options like photos, videos, Check In, Go Live etc. There will also be a new Slideshow option, which upon clicking will take the user to the Slideshow editor of Facebook.

Facebook Slideshow for Android

Here is How to Create a Slideshow for Android

 In order to create a Slideshow, the users will need to use a minimum of three photos that have been saved in the Android mobile phone. The user will be allowed to choose a background music only from the given music themes and they cannot choose a music tune of their choice other than the pre-given ones. The title that is given to the Slideshow will be displayed at the top. Furthermore, the users will also be able to tag the people who are in the photos within the Slideshow.

Once the user is done with selecting the photos and the music, they will have to click on ‘Next’ that is present at the top right corner. This will create the Slideshow wherein the user can choose the orientation and accordingly clip it to the preferred time duration. If the user wants their Slideshow to go in HD, turning on the toggle present at the top of the Slideshow will do the job. Well, this is actually a part of the newly-introduced HD video uploading feature of Facebook. This feature is still in its testing stages and a wider rollout is expected to happen sometime soon enough. Just Recently, Facebook had also brought in a plethora of new features to the beta and stable versions of its Android app which included an offline video downloading feature, a floating video widget, and more.

facebook slideshow Test

By presenting the automatic movie maker feature, Slideshow from Facebook has gone into a neck-to-neck competition with other apps which offer similar features, like the Google Photos that has the ‘Assistant’ feature performing functions which are very much the same, and the Photos app of iOS 10 which offers the Memories feature.

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