Huge PS4, PS3, PS Vita Holiday Sales Discount FIFA 17, Battlefield 1 and Many More

Battlefield 1

Sony has joined the holiday sales bandwagon with huge discounts on PS4 titles right after Steam Winter Sale 2016 kicked off.

Valve seems to have inspired by many as Origin has its own set of deals as well.

In their official announcement, they suggested that even though the January sale is a good one month away, the team decided to bring now to commemorate the holiday season. The decision seems good as people are more inclined to buy now and play rather than wait two more weeks to play on a weekday.

Many games are discounted by 70%-50%. You can buy Electronic Arts FIFA 17 for $29.99. The huge discount is available on Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 bundle priced at just $74.99. Getting both AAA titles at such low costs is a deal you can’t miss especially if you love first person multiplayer shooters. They have great long term value and should easily last a year with new map packs, DLCs among other additional content.

Battlefield 1

Noteworthy Deals on PS4, PS3, PS Vita Titles

Dishonored 2 – $$40.19

Final Fantasy XV – $39.59

Farming Simulator 17 – $56.24

Mafia III – $38.99

NBA 2K17 – $41.99

Steep – $40

Watch Dogs 2 – $35.99

PS3 Titles

Madden NFL 17 – $29.99

WWE 2K17 – $38.99

Mafia II – $7.49

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Bundle – $19.59

PS Vita

World of Final Fantasy – $27.99

Zero Escape Zero Dilemma – $23.99

Superdimension Neptune Vs Sega Hard Girls – $27.99

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X – $27.99

The deals are plenty and should go throughout the week. While the PS3 and the PS Vita titles many not appeal to many, the huge deals on the PS4 console should get you through the holiday season with some great titles. Make sure to go on a shopping spree.

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