Fallout London Will Not Be Getting a Console Release

Fallout London Console

The massive file size of the Fallout London game is said to be the primary reason behind this!

Fallout London will NOT be getting a release on consoles. This has now been confirmed by Dean Carter, who has been the project lead. The primary reason behind it is the fact that the file is too big. Currently, the size of the game stands at 30-40 gigabytes.

Recently, Dean Carter informed fans that Fallout London has been indefinitely delayed. While sharing this news, he also confirmed that the game won’t be arriving on the console. The current-gen update of Fallout 4 arrives two days after the release date was planned. This would lead to the mod breaking apart upon its launch.


In things like console modding, Sony is known to take a restrictive approach. During this discussion, PlayStation has not been mentioned at all. This would lead to a limited number of fan creations being seen on the PlayStation mod page of Fallout 4. This also means that Fallout London will not get a release on it.

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As far as Xbox is concerned, the only reason behind the game not getting a releasing on it could be its size. As compared to most other mods, Fallout London is much bigger. Carter himself has stated that it is too large for Nexus Mods, a website that is known for serving as a host to countless creations put together by Bethesda games. Because of this reason, the game will be launching via GOG. However, it shall be accessible to anybody who has Fallout 4 on Steam and Epic Games Store.

Fallout London has often been described as a fan project by many. Through this project, a new game is being created inside Fallout 4. The game is set in London and will be responsible for taking the series out of the peripheries of the United States. The game, among other things, shall feature a bunch of factions that would fight among themselves to assume control over London.

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