Fancy Rose Pink Edition of Samsung Galaxy S8+ Announced

Galaxy S8 Plus Rose Pink With Gold Glitter

Roses are red and the sky is blue but there’s always pink that manages to make you look new.

Actually, it doesn’t make you look new but rather weird unless you are a teenage girl who’s carrying this powerful smartphone’s pink edition in your backpack.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ is the phone that people have come to love around the globe and the company has started releasing more accessories as well as new colors to cater to the majority of their buyers. You may not like it and most buyers wouldn’t prefer to purchase such an expensive phone on bright pinkish color but for the select few who are impressed by this color variant, Samsung targets them precisely this time.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Rose Pink

The smartphone manufacturer in their official blog confirmed that the Galaxy S8+ Rose Pink edition is here and will be available in stores from June 30th onwards. It will be available only in select markets on launch and will soon be rolled out to other locations. When it launches, the particular color variant will be available in South Korea and Taiwan. Possibly, Samsung identified that their user base lies in these regions which should allow them to procure more sales before rolling the color to US, UK and Europe.

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According to the official statement, the designers at Samsung were inspired by various tones of pink before they finally arrived on the Rose Pink edition for the Galaxy S8+. The phone’s glass and metal body syncs into one another seamlessly which gives it the unique look that sets it’s apart from the various Android competitors in the market. The specifications of the phone obviously remain exactly the same and so does the pricing.

Some of the unique features of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ include its unibody bezeless design, infinity display, unified UX and dual pixel camera along with Samsung’s own Bixby voice assistant. There are five different colors available for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones. They are Coral Blue, Arctic Silver, Orchid Gray, Midnight Black and Maple Gold.

Galaxy S8 Plus Rose Pink With Gold Glitter

Out of the lot, the Midnight Black has record breaking sales in the US and UK as well as many other regions while Coral Blue continues to be the second best color to own the Galaxy S8+ in. The phones are available in stock and expected to witness until Apple’s iPhone 8 gets launched towards the end of the year. Samsung didn’t announce a release date for the Rose Gold edition in other regions than the ones specified.

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