Fantastic Contraption to be Made Available on PS4 and PS VR from Next Spring

Fantastic Contraption Available on PS4 and PS VR

Fantastic Contraption is an exciting game with 50 levels.

The building or virtual reality game is set on an island situated in the skies. True to the name, the game presents a lot of fantasies for the avid gamer. You will find animals relaxing on the moon or sky whales singing to their heart’s delight. As you try to win the game passing through each level, you are expected to either construct many contraptions or climb existing ones.

Fantastic Contraption

To help you win Fantastic Contraption, a green cat Neko who owes his power to yet another fantasy element, rainbow farts, acts as your toolbox. The cat has a lot of rods, wheels and just about any other item that you will find handy to design your contraption. You can fit them in any way to build the device of your choice. These could be conveyor belts, catapults, tanks, cars or anything that helps you to progress in the right direction.

All in all, the goal for all the levels in the game is very easy. In each level, you will be presented with a pink colored blob. You are expected to move this blob off to a far off distance that is also inspired by fantasy. While in some levels, the goal is as simple as this, there are a few instances where you will be directed to get the blob across a gap or even above your head. Sometimes, it can get to be even more challenging with you being directed to get the blob around a corner or behind a wall that comes your way.

Fantastic Contraption Available on PS4 and PS VR

Each level in this bizarre game poses variety to the gamer to make it more interesting and challenging. While the building process is quite instinctual and simple, Fantastic Contraption presents you uncountable ways of doing this. Once you are successfully done with your building, you can pause for a while to show off your creation to your buddies or just relax for some time among the world if you are still in the mood for some fantasy.

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