Finally: Mozilla Firefox 48 Will Block Adobe Flash Player by Default

Adobe Flash Player

This has been coming for quite some time but is finally here as Mozilla has issued a statement saying that beginning with Firefox 48, the company will automatically block Adobe Flash Player by default.

While this doesn’t mean the media player will not live inside the new Mozilla Firefox 48 web browser. Apparently, the company will only be blocking the Flash Player content that it sees as non-essential to the experience of the user. Mozilla is not the only company that has made this bold move to start parting ways with the highly vulnerable Adobe Flash Player – Google has also done it with Chrome web browser as well as a number of its services, including YouTube. All of these have been migrating to the much better and more powerful HTML5.

Next year, Mozilla has plans to enable the “click to activate” approval when it comes to using Adobe Flash Player. What this means is that users of the player will have to go through several clicks before using Flash in Firefox. If the company also deems any Flash content as not essential to the users’ experience, it will be blocked. However, there is no word on when this will actually take effect.

Adobe Flash Player

This latest move by Mozilla comes after the company went after Adobe Flash Player back in 2015. At the time, the tech company enabled less Flash content on all Firefox web pages, something that took effect as from September. Since Adobe Flash Player is famous for its security holes and performance issues, the web has been busy migrating to HTML5, with the aim being to make the web browsing environment safer and more stable than ever before.

Now that Google and Mozilla have made their marks by showing their great intent to move from Adobe Flash Player to HTML5, the ball is now in Microsoft’s court, which has the same plans with the new Windows 10-based Edge web browser. This transformation is set to take place this summer, probably after the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

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