Five Reasons Why Apple iPhone 7 Camera Could Replace a DSLR


One of the big questions on the lips of every professional photographer is that if a smartphone can ever replace a DSLR.

The launch of new Apple iPhone 7 seems to offer a lot of answers even though there have been several force over the years with much larger megapixel count on their cameras. Here are the reasons why the Apple iPhone 7 may have come closest to replacing a DSLR:

iphone 7 camera

  1. Proper Zoom with Blur Effect

One of the most outstanding aspects of a DSLR camera is the ability to blur the backgrounds without using Adobe Photoshop. The iPhone 7 brings this aspect to the smartphone stable by having a telephoto and a wide-angle lens – each having a 12-megapixel sensor – on the iPhone 7 Plus. There have been devices that aimed at the blur effect using a similar combination but with limited success. Apple, though, seem to have hit the right spot.

  1. Ability to Capture RAW Images

RAW images are the order of the day when it comes to post processing and most smartphones have been unable to offer this feature. Following Apple’s decision to allow phones running on the iOS 10 to capture RAW images, users will be able to capture pictures without Apple’s own post processing.

  1. Optical image stabilization

The iPhone camera may not be new to the world of optical image stabilization (OIS), but it was previously available only with the Plus models. However, the Apple iPhone 7 brings OIS feature to the base version with a 4.7 inch display. Regarded as one of the best working models of OIS on a smartphone, it will allow Apple iPhone 7 users to record pictures without any shakes.

  1. Extremely Quick

Thanks to the implementation of a six stage sensor, the Apple iPhone 7 camera is now 60% faster than before while also being 30% more efficient. This translates into extremely quick photography something which might be difficult on the much heavier and feature rich DSLR cameras.

  1. More Than Sufficient Megapixel Count

iPhone 7

After a short war in terms of megapixel count amongst the high end smartphones, there is a realization – within manufacturers and consumers alike – that megapixel count alone makes little difference. The 12-megapixel camera on the Apple iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus should be more than sufficient given that even large wall prints require only about eight megapixel pictures at the most.

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