Get Ready to Pay to Replace Your Nintendo Switch Battery When it Dies

Nintendo Switch Battery

Nintendo Switch is scheduled for a March and before its official launch, there are plenty of controversial things that are circulating with regards to the console.

Being expensive is one of the most important factors that gamers are discussing about. The Nintendo Switch console is equipped with a rechargeable battery and users will not be able to replace it in case it dies after a specific period. In their specifications page, the company has confirmed that they will take up the device in their authorized service centers and will replace your dead battery – for a fee, of course!

Nintendo SwitchYou can submit your console through Nintendo Customer Support to get it working again. While the service is not entirely new as Apple has been doing it for a long time now, the problem is that another Nintendo console the 3DS has user replaceable battery. The company is known for offering hardware that could last number of years which made their handheld devices so popular. There are even many Wii consoles that are still being used around the globe for its amazing games and they don’t fail that easy so far.

While it is known that the Nintendo Switch will feature some of the best hardware specifications and build quality, we cannot deny the fact that its battery will eventually die at some point. It may not instantly lose its life but rather might start showing errors like frequent restarts, low battery and decreased battery life. If you spot any of these signs, it is time to walk to the Nintendo Customer Support if you are interested in prolonging the life of the console. The device’s default battery may easily last three years or more which is something we can’t comment on right now. But, would you really be holding onto the Switch in 2020 when the manufacturer may already be gearing up to launch a next gen console?

Nintendo Switch Battery

A lot of these factors depend on the type of games the Switch receives. Titles like Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 are some of the beginnings but in order to sustain on the long run it needs more first party games as well as third party titles. Wii U faced huge setback due to lack of game titles and it was rendered useless within a short period since its launch. The Nintendo Switch with a proper game library and support could be the gamers are looking forward to own, especially one to play on the go.

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