Does Google Allo Offer Better Privacy than Telegram and WhatsApp?

Google Allo

Google Allo is the current talk of the town after it was made official a few days ago. The app, just like the many we already know of, offers free instant messaging services for registered members.

In addition to the usual messaging services, Google Allo adds a few nifty features that make it a standout among the likes of WhatsApp, Telegram and even Facebook Messenger, just to name but a few. Users have the option to chat in what is known as incognito mode, which is the same thing you get when you use the secret chat feature on Telegram. The same incognito mode also makes sure that all messages sent and received are end-to-end encrypted, which compares to the same feature offered on rival service WhatsApp.

It gets even better for Google Allo as it adds the ability to determine the time a message lasts, be it five seconds or even one week. There is also the option to keep this feature turned off, but this offering is very similar to what is also offered on Telegram. On this matter, WhatsApp loses out as it has no such feature. Things keep getting better and better for Google Allo as it also adds Google Assistant to the chat services it offers.

With Google Assistant, you can ask for any information and get immediate feedback without the need of leaving the app to search the web. In short, it brings the Google Search app into the messaging experience, be it when you have no one to chat with or even when chatting with a group of friends. In the same chats, you also get Smart Reply feature – a feature that allows the app to provide you with reply suggestions when in a conversation with a friend or group of friends. The feature keeps on learning how you communicate and respond to different scenarios and with time, it will tailor its suggestions according to your previous track record.

Google Allo

One thing you need to keep in mind that in order for Google Allo to offer the best of Smart Reply and Google Assistant features, the incognito mode must be disabled. Another thing that may be worrying to some security-conscious individuals is that as opposed to what had been promised earlier that messages will be stored momentarily, Google Allo will keep a record of your messages until you manually delete them.

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