Google Pixel XL Compared to the HTC Desire 10 Pro – What is HTC Planning?

HTC Desire 10 Pro vs Google Pixel XL

Although not confirmed, it is believed that HTC is behind the making of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones that are set to be launched a few days from now.

The new Pixel and Pixel XL will be coming to add to a huge catalog of smartphones that has been released this 2016 with a view of becoming hits. There are numerous leaks and speculations regarding the looks and the kind of specs HTC will include in the two Google phones. This has gone to an extent of including the new HTC Desire 10 to the list of phones being compared to the Google Pixel XL, especially since the former was unveiled a few days ago by a company that is believed to be making the latter.

The HTC Desire 10 came in two variants – a Pro and a Lifestyle version. So, how does this new offering from HTC compare against what the company is making – the Google Pixel and Pixel XL?

Display and performance

The already-unveiled HTC Desire 10 Pro comes with a 5.5-inch Full HD screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution. This is the same size that is expected on the Google Pixel XL, only that the latter will feature an AMOLED panel with QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. This should mean you get a better display quality on the Pixel XL as compared to the HTC Desire 10 Pro, but this shouldn’t be strange considering that the latter is a mid-ranger while the former is a flagship.

As for the processor, the flagship Google Pixel XL will come with a Snapdragon 820 SoC alongside a 4GB RAM and probably 128GB of storage, but there should be a 32GB storage option. On the contrary, HTC Desire 10 Pro has a MediaTek Helio P10 SoC that is also paired with a 4GB RAM. You get Android Marshmallow out of the box on the Desire 10, but Google will include the latest Android 7.1 Nougat on the Pixel XL flagship.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Camera and battery life

The camera has grown to become very sensitive, especially for smartphone buyers. Smartphone OEMs are aware of this trend and as such, you will find a capable 20MP snapper on the back with f/2.2 aperture, LED flash and all the goodies you can dream of finding in a midrange smartphone camera. The front, on the other hand, has a wide-angle view 13MP snapper, which should be one of the best, if not the best, you can find on the market right now.

The Google Pixel XL, on the other hand, should come with a 12MP snapper on the back and 8MP selfie lens. Although the number of megapixels is small, it shouldn’t be a concern as we have to learn in the recent past. However, it is possible that the Pixel XL will offer a larger battery unit compared to the 3000mAh of the Desire 10 Pro, but this doesn’t directly translate to a longer battery life on the former because the latter still has fewer pixels to power compared to its counterpart.

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