Google Allo vs iMessage vs Facebook Messenger

Google Allo vs iMessage vs Facebook Messenger

Google Allo just joined other messaging services in the now highly competitive mobile messaging space. The number of people using messenger apps has grown tremendously in the recent past.

People seem to be drifting away from the old school messaging and messengers are taking over. In that regard, a lucrative opportunity has been created and now tech companies are battling out for the best service.

Apple users were introduced to iMessage, Facebook has Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger for BlackBerry users and now Google has just introduced Allo and Duo. With all these messengers available to choose from, some users seem to be confused. Today we look how the new arrival Google Allo compare with Apple’s iMessage and Facebook Messenger. Which one of these messaging apps has the best features?

Google Allo

In September, Google launched two brand new communication apps Google Allo and Duo after Hangouts failed to heap the desired competition in the market. The former is dedicated for instant messaging on mobile phones while the latter serves as a video calling platform. Allo is similar to Messenger and iMessage but brings a different dimension to chatting – Artificial Intelligence. The newbie uses the technology to create an attractive chatting podium. AI feature allows users to reply to text seamlessly without typing.

The Google’s App also comes with Virtual Google Assistant.  The assistant searches for locations, has the ability to browse the web, and can play videos within the chats. The assistant, also known as @google, works hand in hand with the AI to provide the user with suggestions and answers to questions typed after the phrase ‘@google’.-similar to Siri’s feature. Besides, Allo can be used across devices i.e. across Android and iPhone.

Google Allo

Allo also has a Smart Reply feature that works with Google to learn users’ chatting patterns to make correct suggestions overtime. With all these fascinating features the biggest task ahead of the search engine is to get people to install the app. Though the app has some of the unique features on mobile devices, it does not exist on desktops. On the other hand, both Facebook Messenger and iMessage are available on mobile and computers.


While Allo has an Incognito Mode which can be switched on and off to activate or deactivate end-to-end encryption, messages across iMessage are encrypted by default. Besides, the Apple’s messenger is compatible with lots of third party apps which Allo does not offer as at now. iMessage users can also use the service to check weather updates without leaving the chats.

There is also a significant difference between the Google’s App and the Apple’s chat messenger in terms of chat cosmetics. iMessage has brand new stickers and emojis accompanied with visual properties that make it a choice to consider. The application also comes with tons of GIFs, dynamic texts which behave just like in Facebook.

Google Allo vs iMessage vs Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

As at now, there are approximately one billion users on Messenger while Google Allo user base is still small. The chat service also works across platforms: working on iOS, Android, Windows and the Web.

The app’s developers are also working to make the chat service users’ number darling. One unique thing to have reached Messenger is the combination with texting chats. The app has enhanced features to enable Facebook message strings. Users can create simple groups chats and ping one another’s location from within the chats. Messenger conversations can also be archived for quick referencing.

Facebook Messenger has a bot platform that allows developers to create bots for the app. Since the platform was launched countless bots have been created and you can now do a number of activities from within chat threads; users can chat with businesses for a wide range of activities from booking a cab to reading news.


While it is true messaging apps have a majority of similar features, each one has an area of uniqueness. In this respect, Google Allo has totally floored its competitors. Users are excited at the exceptionality of features that Google has built in this new messaging app. With that, it’s fair to say Allo comes out on top. However, people are not the same in taste and preferences maybe it’s not the best for you but the bottom line is that it offers the rarest of features.

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