Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 Edition to Get 1.0 Update

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.16 Update

Mojang has realized that there are enough subscribers to Minecraft on mobile devices to attract as much attention as their colleagues on PCs and consoles.

Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 Edition have always been the last to receive updates but that is changing this time around. The renowned game developer has decided to stir things up for those gamers with 1.0 Update – The Ender Update.

The patch is packed with lots of features and tons of bug fixes but the weightiest feature is The End. The End is going to contain a battleground inhabited by the iconic Ender Dragon. Taking down the deadly beast is never a mere achievement and is the ultimate goal for many Minecrafters. However, you can proceed further even after defeating the dragon. Players can keep on exploring the End islands and the guarded End Cities. As they walk around the cities, gamers can come across the brand new Shulker gang, battle them out and pick fantastic purple blocks for building as well farm chorus plants. They can also reach the End ship and loot the highly sought-after Elytra glider.

The Survival mode has also been revamped for better gaming experience. The mode gives the gamer an opportunity to survive against the deadly creatures that roam in the dark. Gamers start with no resource at all and are urged to gather some in the course of play. At the same time, he/she should also protect himself from the lurking monsters by creating a safe hiding den.

Another significant addition is the increment of the world heights. The new heights will reach 256 blocks above the ground. The number is now doubled from the previous 128-world block height which Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 editions have been limited to in the past.

Beta testing version for Android

As the 1.0 Update comes for mobile, the company is also kicking off Minecraft beta testing version for the popular operating system. Players on this platform are hence encouraged to sign up and start enjoying the latest updates pushed to the testing version. However, as with beta versions of any other application, always expect bugs and crashes up and down. That’s the use of the version to allow the developers to correct issues before compiling the next stable versions. Nonetheless, as a beta tester, you will get a taste of new features ahead of others. The Minecraft developers are urging testers to report any weirdness as soon as they spot them and also to comment on the features for the betterment of the upcoming stable versions.

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.16.1

Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 Edition recent updates

In an attempt to give gamers better experience regardless of which platform, Mojang has been rolling out updates for Windows 10 and mobile in the recent past. Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 Editions have been lagging behind the original PC and console editions in terms of updates and features. However, this year alone the former platforms have received considerable number of updates:

First, in February the edition received update 0.14-Overworld Update a patch which extended Redstone and Witches to mobile gamers. Then came the 0.15-Friendly Update in June which enabled playing in Realms with cross-platform multiplayer through Xbox Live. Finally, the 0.16-Boss Update which challenged gamers to battle with the formidable Elder Guardian and Wither chiefs.

The upcoming 1.0 Update might be last this year considering there is barely one and half months remaining to the end. The patch also marks the first of innumerable updates that the platform will receive from now henceforth, Mojang confirmed. The mobile versions will receive as many updates as the PC and console clients.

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