Google Allo for Web is coming to your iPhone soon

Google Allo for Web

Google Allo has finally made it to the web, some months following its official launch in 2016. The successor to Gchat or rather Hangouts lets users enjoy conversations with friends, be it via text, or stickers, emojis.

The app also incorporates the use of features such as smart replies for 1-tap responses to messages as well as the inbuilt support for Google Assistant, among other things. Earlier this year, Google confirmed that Allo for Web is in the works and last month, the app’s head of product, Amit Fulay, said that it will be ready in a “few more weeks.”

Well, Google Allo for Web is finally here. If you have used WhatsApp Web before, you’ll see nothing different here, especially when it comes to setting up. The web client needs your mobile device to scan a QR code before being logged in.

Once you are set up, all of your Google Allo conversations will now be visible via the web client. However, the company says that this new Allo for Web client only works with Android phones. As for those using Allo on iPhones, the support for the web client will be added soon.

Like WhatsApp Web, your mobile phone version of Allo needs to be active in order for messages to be mirrored to the web client. If it happens that the phone’s battery dies or there’s no internet connection, you won’t be able to use Google Allo for Web.

Google Allo for Web

The user interface is simple and neat. There are two panes, where the left side has your contacts and the button to start a new message while the right side has your chats. The application also allows users to search for sticker packs as well as attach images, which are currently the only supported attachments.

Similar to the phone app, Google Allo for Web also comes with Google Assistant. The app will also keep a history log of requests made. The mobile version of Allo allows users to make video calls via Google Duo. Whether this feature will also make it to the Web version is still unknown, but it’d only make more sense if it did, especially since WhatsApp Web doesn’t support calling services as well.

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